SPAN-GA's goals rest in the belief that to really impact the crisis of suicide requires multiple strategies, happening simultaneously, and sustained.  So we create our annual action plan around that belief.  Our work covers suicide prevention, intervention and postvention; but a great deal of our focus is on supporting survivors of a suicide loss.  Our 5 year plan for 2015 - 2020 includes continuing to build resources for survivor families, children and teens; and increasing community education and stigma reduction.  Below are some of the many strategies that SPAN-GA uses to reach our goals and move forward the implementation of the Georgia State Suicide Prevention Plan.

Community Coalition Building

Supporting the effort to build Suicide Prevention Coalitions on a local/county/community level bringing awareness, education, resources, support and trainings out into communities across Georgia, including college task forces and coalitions.

Purple Survivor Packets

SPAN-GA developed, printed and provide ongoing distribution of the Healing Resources “Purple Packets” which deliver comfort and information to survivors of a suicide loss statewide. Todate we have distributed over 25,000 of them.

Advocacy/Political Will

SPAN-GA is a grassroots advocacy organization bringing the voice and the needs of our communities to the Georgia legislature. 

Survivor Support & Resources
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As a grassroots survivor organization, one of our priorities is supporting the survivor community.   There are many ways we support survivors throughout the state.


GSPIN Broadcast Network

Get connected and stay connected to the Georgia Suicide Prevention Information Network, our statewide resource for prevention, intervention and postvention.

Suicide Prevention Day at the Capitol

Each year, SPAN-GA goes to the Capitol with Community Action Team members from all over the state to bring the voices of Georgia Constituents.

National Suicide Prevention Week

Each year, SPAN-GA works with organizations, coalitions and other groups to organize and plan activities for National Suicide Prevention Week. 

Georgia's FOS Traveling Memory Quilts

SPAN-GA took over from the original quiltmakers in 2008. And although their are others who make quilts, our quilts are the traveling quilts that belong to the people of Georgia.

Education, Awareness & Training
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Our work is dedicated to providing education, training, and raising awareness that suicide is a preventable public health crisis and that everyone has a role to play in preventing it.

Camp SOS - Family, Teens and Children's Camp

Camp SOS was created and implemented by SPAN-GA in 2011.  The upcoming camp will be our 4th year for this awesome resource for survivor families throughout Georgia.

This is not a Crisis Line or Crisis Site.  If you have an emergency call 911 or the Georgia Crisis and Access Line at 1-800-715-4225