National Suicide Prevention Week


Suicide Prevention Is Everyone's Business! Want to join us?

Here are a few ways to get started for the week:

  • Post the annual Suicide Prevention Week graphic as your profile picture

  • Share this message on your Facebook Page and Follow us on Twitter

  • Ask friends to join the GSPIN Network

  • Learn the Warning Signs and Risk Factors for Suicide

  • Purchase a Suicide Prevention Awareness T-shirt

  • Make a donation

  • Host a Suicide Prevention and Awareness Event

  • Are you a clinician? Take a training!

  • Are you a school professional? Get Certified!


International Suicide Prevention Day is always September 10th.  National Suicide Prevention Week is always the Sunday to Saturday that the 10th falls in!  Many States and Counties have their local legislators prepare proclamations declaring September Suicide Prevention Month.  It is an important time to focus on Suicide Prevention and Awareness. 


Each year the American Association releases a National Suicide Prevention Week Information and Media Kit.  This is a great tool to get up to date information and ideas for what you can do for suicide prevention week!


This is not a Crisis Line or Crisis Site.  If you have an emergency call 911 or the Georgia Crisis and Access Line at 1-800-715-4225