Collaborators making a Difference!

Thomas Edison went down in history as America’s greatest inventor, partly because he was a master Collaborator, championing and cheerleading a talented and coordinated team that churned out a tremendously wide ranging series of inventions and innovations.  Collaborators stir up the pot. They bring people together to get things done.


The Collaborator is that rare person or organization that truly values the team over the individual, the end result over individual acknowledgement.  Collaborators know that the race is won in the baton pass.


SPAN-GA believes that collaboration is the cornerstone of change.  Working together with all stakeholders and other collaborative organizations they can do great things!


One of SPAN-GA’s greatest desires is for all organizations and people who care about suicide prevention, intervention and postvention in our state to work together toward our common goal.


Collaboration is the KEY!!


Our Vision & Mission

Suicide Prevention Action Network – Georgia, is a 501C(3) organization created in 2003 to reduce completed and attempted suicide in Georgia. Its focus is on creating public awareness and public/political will to provide resources to implement the Georgia State Suicide Prevention Plan.

Our History

SPAN began as SPANUSA which was a national organization from the beginning.  When SPANUSA made the national move to Washington DC, SPAN-GA was formed to fill the gap and support the needs of Georgia.  SPAN-GA was incorporated in 2002.

Our Leadership

The leadership team of SPAN-GA is a diverse group of men and women from all over the state of Georgia.  They all are working members of the organization, with a hands on approach to our activities, events, trainings, and work together to execute our annual goals.

Our Accomplishments

From the beginning, SPAN-GA has been a part of the development of the statewide strategy for suicide prevention in Georgia.  They have a strong vision for statewide prevention and have many significant accomplishments and contributions to suicide prevention, intervention and postvention in Georgia.

This is not a Crisis Line or Crisis Site.  If you have an emergency call 911 or the Georgia Crisis and Access Line at 1-800-715-4225